Pressing in to the Power of God

The Church and WMF alive and well in the Congo

WMF President Brian Sharp, Jim McCool and I just returned from a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC and the Republic of Congo – ROC. Jim and his family were missionaries in DRC for a season a number of years ago.

We went there to represent WMF at their ordination service and to meet with the local ministry leaders there about how to best position WMF to assist them in the future. What we found there gave us great joy.

For decades now, Charles Rogers has invested in the work of missions, especially in the continent of Africa. The work he established in Cameroon, Liberia, and where we visited in the Congo, continues to grow under the leadership of the WMF All Africa Director Floribert Mawit, and Country Directors Bishop Jonathan Muhuela, Bishop Desire Bansenga and others God has raised up over the years. Our team was encouraged to find hundreds of WMF members at meetings in both Kinshasa, the capital of DRC and Brazzaville, the capital of ROC. During our time there we had the opportunity to speak to a large ordination celebration of hundreds of people and ordain 23 new WMF ministers in Kinshasa. We spent the next week training 230 WMF ministry leaders in Brazzaville and preaching in churches in the evenings and on Sundays as well.

The opportunity for the church and WMF in these regions is staggering. We have come to understand that WMF is present in 16 countries in Africa and we have interest from 3 more that would like to affiliate with WMF immediately. These ministry leaders preside over hundreds of new church plants and hundreds of new young pastors in need of Biblical teaching, ministry training, and encouragement. The purpose of this trip was to learn how to begin developing strategy to tackle the immense opportunities that are being presented and direct WMF into another fruitful season in these regions.

In light of these things, I am again struck by this important truth. The principles of ministry and the power of the Holy Spirit function similarly in whatever culture we visit and wherever we travel. Our function as ministry leaders is to equip and empower the saints to do the work of the ministry. In this case, it was to not only train younger leaders, but to encourage all those who will, in turn, be called upon to equip and empower others, young and old. Often, we as Christian leaders simply confirm and encourage what God is already doing through the Holy Spirit in the hearts of these ministry leaders. As the Apostle Paul did,
we will need to regularly encourage others to step into what they already know, to fulfill God’s calling on their lives, and to press in to the power of the Holy Spirit that is available to all who are called to this Christian walk.

As leaders, we will need to help people experience the presence and power of God. However, in order to have something to give those to whom we must minister,
we will first need to go into his presence for ourselves. We must hear from God ourselves… and regularly! We can’t give what we don’t have…. We must have a fresh word! But as we are good stewards with what we have already been given, God promises to give us “more” (Luke 8:18). As we press in, we will receive the “more” we need, the fresh bread from heaven to offer those around us.

I am endeavoring to encourage myself first, and you also, to
press into the things of God, and even more so as we see the mighty harvest ahead and the end fast approaching.

Praying God’s blessing on all your efforts, and looking forward to all that God has in store for WMF!

Dr. Tim McKitrick

Click here to view a few pictures of the trip.
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