Report from Malawi


Dear WMF Members …

It is always a joy to read occasionally of what the Lord is doing around the world. From time to time a spotlight needs to be thrown on some of these folks. One of our newest WMF ministers is in southeastern Africa, in Malawi. He now is busy holding evangelistic campaigns and hosting WMF meetings. The harvest he is reaping brings a smile to the faces of those who are involved and to those who hear of it.
George Gift is his name. Let us keep him in prayer as he labors in the Lord’s Vineyard. His own testimony of coming to know the Lord is as follows [I have edited it for clarity]:

    “I gave my life to Christ in the year 1998, it all started when I was at school where we met some young preachers who eventually started ministering to us the word of God. I was deeply touched and convicted, but I could not give my life to Jesus so fast. After some days I again met another preacher who under God's power spoke of Jesus and His resurrection. I was convinced and my heart was plucked. However I didn't respond then to the gospel either.
    Nevertheless something started happening to me at night: while sleeping I lost all the peace that I had and I was greatly troubled. This time I felt that I should give my life to Jesus no matter what, and on the following morning I awakened early, and instead of seeking for a pastor to help, I went to a mountain where I heard that people go to pray.

    Without anyone's guidance I just followed the path to the mountain. It was the first time I had been there. I didn't know the area, but within this mountain area there was a field. Therefore I went inside there and started crying to God for forgiveness of my sins.
   I had been to this place for almost a week and I wasn't taking any food. One day certain pastors came here to pray and saw me in field. They called me to follow them. They asked me about my spiritual life and I told them my position. They then helped me to receive Christ. Thereafter I joined a Church and was baptized by immersion.

   It didn't take a long time, but while in prayer and fasting some of senior leaders prayed for me again and I immediately was baptized with the Holy Spirit and spoke in new tongues!”


George Gift is quite active: reports on the Youth Seminars he conducts and of the power of God in manifestation is heartwarming and refreshing. There are signs and wonders. He holds open-air revival meetings, and through his fellowships is busy arming the next generation of believers for the spiritual battles to come.

May the Lord continue to provide WMF with younger ministers whose passion affects all those around them.    

With All Due Respect,

Brother Darrell Sutton
Director of International Missions for WMF

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