Missions Report


Convocation 2018 was a rousing success. The speakers each brought a forceful word from the Lord. Multitudes were encouraged and certainly heard from the King of Kings: a word that was specific to each individual’s calling and need. As for missions, we instituted a mission’s panel. The panelists gave reports and testimonies regarding the move of God around the world.
Thursday evening I gave a report of things we are implementing for the missions department of WMF. Two of the changes are noted below, the first of which was agreed upon by the Executive Board.

  1. 10% of WMF dues now will be designated for missions.

  2. The mission's board believes that a Facebook page for our missionaries would be useful for global contact and strategy.

As is the case so often, I am humbled when I meet the vast number of men and women who are busy in the fields of the earth, domestically and internationally. WMF is full of ministers who engage in worldwide ministry of one sort or another. Several prayers of mine were answered during Convocation; one burden was lifted through connections made with people that labor in fields that I think are often overlooked. Meeting them was heartwarming.
The nations are ripe for harvest. Yet to realize the vision for WMF missions given to me by the Lord, it necessitates much prayer and fasting. By-faith, I believe that great prospects are on the horizon. And if we pray, undoubtedly, the hand of God will be upon WMF for good. Nothing shows our dependence on God like prayer: many remembrances along that line come to mind: e.g., I recall a revival that once broke out in Clearwater Florida not too terribly long ago. A minister went for a Sunday night’s service in a church and he stayed for more than 20 weeks. There was an explosion of the healing power of God. Attendees said all the wheelchairs that eventually were lined up in the building resembled a train.
Indeed all this activity, originated in the prayers of one elderly woman in the region who refused to believe that God would not hear her cry for revival. God answers prayer: so expect miracles.
Oh what a great heritage WMF has; but as ministers/missionaries of Christ, we are all obliged to face up to one question repeatedly, ‘what kind of legacy are we leaving to newly ordained members of WMF who follow behind us?’
Brother Darrell

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